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Goat head topper stolen from Satanist group's Christmas tree

Satan Claus? Among the Christmas tree, Nativity scene, and menorah at the Illinois statehouse holiday display sits a Satanic statue. The statue depicts a woman's hand holding an apple, a snake

The Satanic Temple of San Jose erected their own Christmas tree for the Christmas in In another act of Christian vandalism, someone stole the topper on the Christmas tree that was displayed by the Satanic Temple.

Singing Christmas Praises to Satan All I hear on the radio is praises being sung to Santa Claus, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Little Saint Nick, and Christmas Trees. Below are the idolatrous lyrics to the song 'O CHRISTMAS TREE' (Glee's 2010 version!)

The Chicago chapter of the Satanic Temple is clearly very proud of its "Snaketivity" statue it successfully forced officials to display next to a huge Christmas tree in the Illinois Statehouse rotunda just in time for the holiday season. The statue, which features a hand holding up an apple with a serpent wrapped around it, […]

The Illinois Statehouse installed a Satanic statue along with A Nativity scene, a Christmas tree, a Menorah. Entitled "Snaketivity", the display depicts a snake wrapped around a woman's hand as she holds an apple. On the side of the sculpture is the logo of the Satanic Temple - the head of Baphomet inside an inverted pentagram - and the words Knowledge is the Greatest Gift

"The tree targeted was decorated with pentagrams and other demonic symbols, its decorations sponsored by a Bay Area Satanic organization," KPIX-TV reported. The tree is one of more than 500 o Thieves targeted a Satanic group's so-called Christmas tree in San Jose, California, this week by stealing some of its occult-related ornaments.

Goat head topper stolen from Satanist group's Christmas tree
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